Testimonials "Beth, I want to let you know how good I feel! My feet are moving like they haven't in years. I feel like I'm standing up straighter, my legs are definitely moving in the correct direction now, and I can bend backward in my low spine. I sincerely thank you for working so hard to help me straighten out (you are amazingly strong!), and for treating me for a much longer than the time than you donated to Arctic Valley!!! It was sort of weird driving home - with my butt cheeks on the seat I felt like I was tilted when looking in the rearview mirror. The walking you recommended after treatment definitely integrated all the changes you made." - Athlete

"I have seen and experienced Beth’s dedication to creating an environment that is welcoming and kind both as a client and friend. People feel safe in her presence and comfortable being honest. Her own dedication to integrity and honesty works well to foster trust between her and those she works with and for. Her analytical forthright approach while tempered with this inclusive approach is not colored by it. I have personally benefitted greatly from her advice and help from physical ailments that she treated through Rolfing, to advice and feedback on business and personal issues. She was instrumental in helping me overcome many long term limitations that had been plaguing me for many years. I appreciate Beth's approach, finding resolve through identify the actual root of the problem rather than just simply treating symptoms. She is tenacious in her quest in helping others, improving herself and pushing her limits (while still being honest about where they are)". -M.H, Alaska

"Beth, you've helped me in many ways, changed me and made a lasting and deep impact on who I am, how I feel and how I greet the world each day. So thanks, a lot. Last night was more of a mental session, but as you've made me realize, the body and the mind are so interconnected. I have a brazened memory of a class you taught when you sort of barked at the students (including me) to get off the stupid blanket, learn how to sit tall, if you don't do it now, when will you? It doesn't really fit with traditional yoga, but it does fit with live each moment as if it could be your last. And learning to be struggle free. Ive got a long way to with that one, both in the mental and physical sense. But, i appreciate your help in guiding me to leave some of my struggles behind. Your sessions are always much more than body work, and I guess thats why i keep coming back - i truly never know what will come from it, but something always does. I appreciate your help and the connection for me is a hell of lot deeper and more meaningful than a rolfer elbowing my gristle!"- S.O, badass at large